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Just a quickie. Having another tattoo, this one on my inner lower lip, so once again it is only visible if I allow it etc. But, and this has been bugging me for about a week, what word/words to have? Eh?! Only enough room for one or maybe two words. So far all I have is "BOLLOCKS", "This Hurt" and "Fear & Loathing." The first because that is probably my most frequently uttered word, the second was from a friend but I doubt it shall see the dim glowing light of a day within my mouth as apparently lip tats don't actually hurt much and the last, if you have to ask, you don't know. Any suggestions you lacklustre commenting muthafuckers?!


Anonymous said…
I suggest "boohoo".
Bruce said…
Pray tell, why?
Anonymous said…
To go with the pout.
Bruce said…
AShiningCity said…
Now, now... don't be so cranky. The only reason why your comment post was lost on my blog was that I went over to a new posting service so I could have the trackback feature.

All the posts were lost.

And you should be happy that your nation's colonies are doing so well... not angry! I for one, and most Americans I think share this sentiment, am very thankful that we had such a wonderful mother country to spring from...

By the way, I saw that the English fans were fighting with the German fans at the World Cup. I gotta support you in that battle. :-)
Bruce said…
Ah, okay then. My apologies.

Now that we've been knocked out by our own lack of ability to not be knocked out, again, I guess all we have are the running street battles!

And I was not angry about the U.S. doing well, indeed, I was cheered to see it and I believe that 'W' should consider invading Italy to make up for that bastard elbow applied to McBride's eye socket.

I was, in fact, irate about your personal approach to 'soccer' but, being far more sober than at the orginal time of writing, I see now that this is a 'Personal Problem' that needs no more venting of.

C'mon you Raiders!
Typhonius said…
How about go back to first principles and think of something simple.
"Labium inferioris", or
"Food Input" or
"Balm me" which has double entendre connotations, 1) that your lips need balming and 2) that having the tattoo makes you balmy. What you get when you say balm me fairly quickly.
Finally, since your sign off was C'mon you Raiders, why not simply "Raiders" unless it wass some sort of sarcastic injoke which has caused me to inadvertantly offend you.


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