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Dappled light amidst the evening breeze
Blinding me and curling leaves
Which will fall and tumble down
To lay like lost organs on the ground.

"Yes, it’s called Autumn. Well done. Are you taking your medication?"

Pill upon pill upon pill upon pill
Upon a high right now flying free
But pretty soon my arse will kill
As I have to take this suppository.

"Right, well feel free to leave out the details. Still talking in rhyme I see?"

Rhyme is some

times so restrictive must o
Become manipulative to a degree
With some riddum instead.

"Kerist son, you really are out there."
Went to an old school mate's wedding last weekend. St. Lucian born and bred Ziggy (or Chris) was to be wed to the lovely Anna who hails from a small village in Hampshire. I traveled up in my Peugeot. The largest problem I have with that car is the alternator which seems to live upto its name perhaps a little too literally by alternating not only AC to DC but also between working and not working. I think the rectifier is knackerred and according to the voltmeter the damnable thing only charges the battery when the engine is running at 2,500 revs or less. This means that I have to keep the car at under fifty for as much as possible and any chance I get to I free-wheel, I sodding well free-wheel. Redlights are a godsend as I get to spend ten to fifteen seconds idling at the junction, all of which is contributing more juice to the battery. In fact, that alternator has changed my entire driving style. No longer can I use the gears to slow my passage before a bend because if I drop into…

To Whom It May Concern,

I am writing concerning your Toilet Roll Product with Aloe Vera – core number: 04 21 066 5 0945. I purchased a four pack of this product full of expectation for a thoroughly excellent Deposit Accessory. However, to my dawning dismay, upon utilising said product in the time honoured fashion I found it constantly fell apart in my fingers. I will not elucidate any further but you can imagine the angst this left me in and the trouble I had on my hands. It appears that the seams between sheets are too weak and fall apart with the most meagre application of force during a wipe. Even quadrupling the ply by a complicated system of folding, the sheets still failed to hold together adequately so to allow me to satisfactorily finish my absolutions.

I write for your information. I can only hope that this pack was an exception to your otherwise excellent record in my experience. I have one and a half roles left and I am loathe to throw them away. Instead I shall simpl…

Is the concern for the state of the planet a fear over the potential longevity of the planet itself or just the environment that will allows us humans to continue to exist? I think it is quite obvious that the answer is the latter suggestion. There are two pictures here, the Little one that considers us and the Large one that considers Earth.

A characteristic that both we and Mother Earth have in common is a tenacious level of resilience. We have survived together over 4 million years, both the onslaught of cosmic events like meteors and the home grown variations of environment that the earth provides. However, I feel that is no doubt that the earth will still be spinning in space long after we humans are but a memory of concrete foundations and a polluted atmosphere, despite our best efforts.

Dominant species come and go. Presently we Human Animals are experiencing a population explosion that, because of our technology, is not able to be checked by the balancing scheme of Gai…