5 Aug 2005

Dappled light amidst the evening breeze
Blinding me and curling leaves
Which will fall and tumble down
To lay like lost organs on the ground.

"Yes, it’s called Autumn. Well done. Are you taking your medication?"

Pill upon pill upon pill upon pill
Upon a high right now flying free
But pretty soon my arse will kill
As I have to take this suppository.

"Right, well feel free to leave out the details. Still talking in rhyme I see?"

Rhyme is some

times so restrictive must o
Become manipulative to a degree
With some riddum instead.

"Kerist son, you really are out there."

On a scale of 1 to 10. 1 being none and 10 being extremely.
How mashed were you when you wrote this?

By the way... I get you a car and I'm mentioned once... just ONCE!
Entertaining blog. I look forward to your updates.
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