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Showing posts from December, 2006
Crazy as a Coconut! Having awoken this fine, cold morning, bleary-eyed and with a hint of a pharmaceutical hangover from last night, I found myself idly surfing ze web thinking of things to look for. Out of nowhere, between checking the footie results and any new pictures of Uma Thurman that might have been released, I suddenly remembered I had spent about two hours last night in a huge and drug fuelled rant about the despotic little arse-bandit that is Tom Mapother IV. My audience needed little convincing. Cederic, a wonderfully eccentric faggot friend of mine jumped up and demanded to be heard; “Honestly, I don’t know, but that little jumped-up bitch is giving us fags a bad name! He needs to exeunt from that closet of filthy lies and admit to owning a ‘Despoiler 14inch Sphincter Renderer - TM’ like the rest of us anal fanatics!” Cederic sat down to a loud round of applause. More people started to voice their distaste of this damaged individual: “Cruise hurts my sensibilities - th