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Showing posts from December, 2005
Happiness is Togetherness, champagne, water and a small fish. 
Charlotte making last minute repairs to her outfit, by the sea.  
Tomat looking a bit like a triplely hard bastard gangsta, by the sea.  
Bruce laughing at his own joke (again), by the sea.  
Dan and pizza slice, getting to know each other.  
2 hours and one pizza slice before "I do!"  
3 hours and half a speech before 'ching,ching'!  
"Hey, hey man, stay away from the slice. Ah-Huh."  
2 hours are not enough for him to get dressed.  
Rock chick slash KGB seductress look. Ahem.  
"Look, I'm so calm and collected, I can't do my shoelaces!"  
Nice belt-shoe coordination going on there.  
Very dapper Stu. Just one thing, that's my suit mate!  
"Say 'Nibblesome-cheesey-bits!'"  
'Didn't lose the rings. Good. Ten minutes to finish speech. Not so good. Hat. Impeccable.'  
Unfortunately, despite his muppetry, you have to credit Tomat on his timing....  
The Artful Dodger at age 27.  
Ollie emerging from the jungle, a la Predator.  
What a Happy Chap!  
Excellent curves, wonderful frame, what a set of hooters! O, and Kate and Ben.  
Funny captions on a postcard please.  
"I look so happy because I slaughtered this polar bear with my own two hands!"  
Stupot. What a happy clappy smiley chappy!  
Work it Dan, work it!  
"Right, round the table quickly.." Charl starts with a look of questionable intention....