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cris smoking
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dabbing the dragon
Humpty 2
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Cris and the Jellyfish song
Wooden needle
Tokyo Hardcore
Skull back
Just got back from Amsterdam. It’s a totally fabulous city to visit when the sun sparkles on the handles of the shopping trolleys that lie partially submerged in the befouled canals, when the homeless junkies surround you like leprous locusts offering small packages of flour for 60 euros and it’s warm so they have bare arms and you can count the tracks running from wrist to shoulder, when the hugely ethnically diverse female population wander around with tastefully sparse vestments on leaving me dribbling into my Hoegaarden white bear which some barman has drowned a lemon in and tastes likes joss-sticks as I sit with friends watching the Capoeira demonstration at the Leidesplein. And breathe.

I lived there for about a year and a half some six or so years ago and left because I became increasingly bored with what the, actually, quite small city had to offer. Its plus points include the diversity of its inhabitants in their ethnicity which was most often brought to my attention by the nu…

A large proportion of the air inside me is knocked out as my belly hits the dirt and I slide the three yards along until the top of my head strikes the gnarly tree stump that I had been aiming for. “Fucking Ow!” I utter as I come to an abrupt and uncoordinated stop, quietly though so not to give my position away to those yellow bastards who are waiting for us somewhere over the ridge up ahead. I had been in-country for only about thirty-three minutes and already I had come under fire from the enemy. Even now, as I crouched for cover behind the stump, I could hear the high-pitched screams of the projectiles flying over head, snapping tree branches and showering me with leaves, making the dust pitch-up and dance momentarily as the shot buried itself into it. As I waited for support to come up on my six my mind wandered back in time to the briefing the Commander had given my unit just before we were deployed.

“Listen chaps. This is a dirty conflict. Hell, they’re all dirty c…