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Had to go shopping yesterday, So skipping along the road, I watched the cars go past, And then a big red bus passed, And remembering my sweet slumber, I accidentally slipped, Tumbled And fell, Beneath the erasing rubber wheels, Straight to hell.
Two men walking along a beach in long coats and hats. Like that Vettriano painting…… There is not much point in arguing the corner for freedom of choice if you are not going to use it. Well, that’s the whole point isn’t it? As long as I have it I am free to do what I want with it, even if that means not using it at all. That is my choice. Your choice for apathy. Perhaps. You see Desmond, I believe that we do have the ability to change our futures with choices that we make. I believe that we can cause our individual paths through life to alter. Right. For a minute there I thought you were suggesting that any actions that we make are futile maybe because everything is already pre-destined. No, not exactly. I mean, I am lazy by nature but it is more than that. I believe that through free choice we do have the chance to affect our destinies. Then why do you take no action? Because, although our actions affect us, they never affect us in the way we might have inten
Once again he was made eye-wateringly aware of the dichotomy that exists in the brain of the female. He had gone out on a date on Saturday night. The first proper date in about two years. His was a small town and prearranged times and locations for meeting the possible woman of his dreams were not necessary as you could always ‘run into’ whomever you might like to enjoy. Last Saturday was different though. He had run into this dark-haired, dark skinned beauty one night several weekends ago in the local club, one dark and sweaty night. There had been drunken snogging and dancing and, as per normal, a drunken exchange of numbers. Her number had been stuck into the bottom spring of his anglepoise lamp and he had picked it up and put it back several times throughout the next week, never really with any intention of calling her. The fact he couldn’t remember her name was part of the reason. “Hey, babe..”, or maybe “Alright girl?…” were not great starts to any phone conversation which was al
How to stop Waxing Lyrical and start Talking Dirty: “Gosh, as I view your perfect form all I can consider is becoming one with you in a perfectly fitting physical union. The light covers you in shadows from whence arise the twin golden globes of your derriere, mounds I am intent on grasping firmly whilst I pleasure you from the aft until you deluge. I mean to run my fingers over your every inch and into every crevice, exploring the wonderland that is your perfect body, mine to behold. My throbbing member is awoken to charge forth within. I am going to plough your furrow with great might indeed. I desire to service your salivating pit of desire with great abandon, causing your breast necks to stand proud, your exclamations become wanton and your cerebellum to reach such mighty heights of excruciating pleasure. Have at you!” So, let us try changing; Perfect Form............................................................Sexy Bitch Becoming one with you.......................