10 Feb 2004

Listen up you maggot fuckers! I came here to clean house and by motherfucking Jimminy that is what I will do! In case you were wondering, ladies, my accent is from the deep south of Texas. You got that, you ass sniffers, I am a Texan and accordingly, as is my god given fuck you all right, I am a one tough old mean sonuvabitch! Can I get a hell yeah?!

Oh, most certainly my dear chap. Hello there and how the devil are you?

No, you pig nipple fuck bucket! I said, can I get a Hell Yeah!?

Oh, I do apologise most profusely. I think it is you deep and thick southern drawl, which incidentally reminds me of the noise a heifer makes when overly constipated, that threw me rather alarmingly off track. So sorry, old bean.

What did you say, you puddle of rat spunk?! Are you making to irritate me some, boy? I would not recommend that as a very motherfucking wise plan of action. You got that!

My gosh! Why certainly, my little red-neck periwinkle blossom. I am reading you quite clearly. Mint tulip anyone?

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