10 Feb 2004

I have the distinct feeling that things are not as they appear. O rather, that things are not as they appear to us. Things are just things after all, and would exist quite happily whether or not we were there to perceive them. I have never bought into the whole ,"If a tree falls in a forest with noone to hear it, does it make a noise?" speculation. The answer to that is utterly obvious. Of course it makes a noise. Matter has contacted matter at a impetuous rate and the accordant energy that is released is partially dispersed as sound waves. The very fact that some of us ask that question with a straight face and an honestly quizzical furrowing of the brow is clearly an example of how we, us and our perception can often do we, us and ourselves a dis-service.

If you ever catch yourself thinking "That cannot happen because it just is not possible" then I suggest you check yourself immediately. Just because it appears impossible to us because our limited knowledge declines to accept it as a possibility, that does not necessarily make it so. Note that I included the caveat "necessarily". I would never suggest that I was able to comprehensively explain anything. Rather, I might offer a possible explanation all the time being quite forward about the fact I was possibly wrong.

As I said, although the cause might evade us the effect is still there and so, accordingly, there must be a reason behind it. Perhaps it is not easy or preferable to deal with healthy speculation as the only foundation upon which one's approach is built but, at the very least, you shall not err as a result of being confident yet wrong. It reminds me of a little aphorism that occurred to me a year or two ago. "The only thing that does not change is the fact that everything changes." The saying itself is a contradiction but I find it poignantly at odds with itself and so casts a healthy glow of unsurity over one's whole perception of time and life.

Or then again, this could all just be rambling pseudo-philosophical bollocks, the outpourings of a damaged cerebellum and mis-wired psyche. Or then again, it might change the whole world. Possibly this is a test and you've just read the question and will be marked on your resultant thoughts. Have I failed? Did I get that distinction which we enable me to go to the Advanced School of Thermodynamic Machinations? Fuck me. What drivel. Stop it now.

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