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Wrote a letter today to this chap who makes inks for tattooists in the US. Want to find out about ink that reacts to UV light. Always been something I wanted.

Hey August,

Hi there. Saw your advert in Feb's Tattoo. I have always wanted to have some UV reactive ink done. Ever since I was 17 (about ten long years ago), when I used to do a little stage dancing in raves in London, about the time when white gloves were necessary adornments, all the better to help spin out the crowd as your hands flashed through the air...sorry, a little flashback there. Anyhoo, I thought why not get UV tats on my hands so doing away with the need for gloves and fulfilling a desire to have some ink whilst avoiding expulsion from the very draconian school I found myself at, at the time. I had the designs all sorted out but then I read some articles about the ink being carcinegenic etc. etc. which put the fear of god into me.

Now, I am not sure if those were just the normal type of rumours that circulate but I left it alone. In the Tattoo mag, a few pages before your advert (neat positioning, intentionally or otherwise) there was a piece on a studio (I forget which and I do not have it to hand) and a chap who had some blacklight inking done. I am highly interested. My good friend Cris, an excellent tattooist and owner at The Aquaries Tattoo studio Cornwall, UK, talked to me about it and we've come up with a few questions before we go ahead and buy a bottle of the stuff and try it out on me. If you would be so kind as to try and answer a few queries, we would be chuffed, especially I as I really want some UV INK in me!

-Are those stories of the UV ink of about a decade ago still relevant? Understandably, I feel, I do not want my hands to fall off.

-Do the outlines done in your blacklight ink show up in any fashion during the day? You know, are they raised as much as a normal tat?

-Cris has heard of some people having adverse reactions to this ink (or ink similar to it, I imagine). Have you any experience of this? Even if you have, I am still going to try it, but we would just like to know.

Other than that, if you have any more info that you reckon we would benefit from that would be great. Plus, I totally dig your hand piece under the UV. It is most definitely slamming!

Cheers for your time man,
Toodle Pip


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