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Having read a nonsensical letter to the editor in the Times the other day which proposed some truly inane practices within licensed premisi, I felt compelled to write a little something for the sake of my non-sobriety, a state I value just about above all others. A state which must continue.


As both a working professional and responsible drunkard I took great fright at elements of Dr Alan B. Shrank's reasoning in his letter of Dec 31 in reference to British binge-drinking.

The suggestion that licensees should keep a tally of units consumed by each individual whilst delivering the drinks from the bar to the tables and only in numbers that would not constitute a "round", all the time being aware of those who were no longer only tipsy but had entered the realm of "drunk", presumably by breathalysing every patron every five minutes, would mean such a huge increase in cost that barely anyone would be able to afford to drink in public. But then, maybe, that is the whole idea.

I have no solutions to the social problems that many binge-drinkers cause. 24 hour licenses or licensed marijuana bars might help but please do not attempt to take away my ability to become sans jambes in my local pub. It is one of life's pleasures. Nor let us forget the Iron Law of Prohibition ,"...the more intense the law enforcement, the more potent the prohibited substance becomes." Actually, that sounds rather good.

I remain yours,
Sincerely Inebriated


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