14 Apr 2003

So, anyway, there she is in bare feet and jeans and her two tops, a pink translucent one over a black corset stylee thing, are fly to the uttermost. She’s coordinated even when she’s kicking back. I want some of her, in all kinds of ways, from the best to the very worst. Anyway, bare feet. Hot. She is melting my vitals. I’m sure she can tell as well as she challenges me to find for her the greatest film. So, nonchalant like, a bit like Vince Vaughn out of Clay Pigeons, I saunter around the counter and chuckle and run my long fingers through the beard and reach out to grab Nat’s left breast. NO!! I’m reaching out to grab Donnie. That’s right, Donnie. “This is the film you should have watched last night but it was out. Now it’s in. You must watch it Nat.”

“Erm, okay Bruce.”

Too fucking right alright! So then I make with the poignant video shop guy observation coz I gotta make sure she knows I’m smart as sin and a whole lotta switched on. “Yeah, you see, this film I’m holding in my hand right now is one of the few films that I can recommend and if you don’t like it the problem lies with you and not the film.” Blondie digs this and has a laugh whilst Wild One snatches a snickers and tears it open. I calm myself by looking at Nat as she bows her neck slightly as she reads the back of the cover. I was told once I have great hands. I want to utilise them on her neck. I don’t, however, and I return to my seat behind the counter as Nat runs out to answer her mobile. Runs out in bare feet. The girl is dynamite. She is studying for a degree in some field of natural geography and I mean to ask her about Ox Bow Lakes whose mysterious means of creation I have forgotten and have been keeping me awake at night recently. And then I think about Nat. Then I sleep. This is censored by good taste, albeit it in smidgens.

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