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District Judge Willow
Civic Centre
EX31 1DY


RE: Claim No: 7SO00035
Francine Hurley
October 7th @ 10.00am

To Judge Willow,

I am writing to you at, admittedly, rather short notice concerning the above case that you are overseeing. Francine Hurley has been denied legal aid and therefore, due to fiscal limitations, is left no option but to represent herself on Friday. I have conversed with Sue at Barnstaple court and with a representative of the claimant's at Frank Paul’ Solicitors who have both advised me to contact you as soon as possible in writing and put forward the following case in the hope that you may allow myself to help Francine in court.

Francine is of advancing years, a point, which on itself would merit little consideration, but when combined with the drastic effect this whole ‘disagreement’ has had on her health, in my eyes has to be taken more seriously. Therefore I am hoping that this request of you to allow Francine some assistance in court on Friday, in representing her case, be heard with fair and kind consideration, if not solely for the toll this is taking on her health, then perhaps just to enable the smooth running of this fast-track case as Francine’s hearing is far from perfect.

I have no legal experience but have been asked by a mutual friend, who is concerned about Francine’s situation and ability to represent herself adequately due to her deteriorated health, if I might help. I understand that this is perhaps rather late in the day to be making such a request but I have only just been asked to help and this seems to me to be the best way to approach you concerning these, hopefully, extenuating circumstances.

Either way I shall be present at your courtroom on Friday at ten with the hope that you will allow Francine Hurley some assistance.

Thank you very much for your time.

Yours sincerely,

Bruce Campbell


Barnstaple Court
Civic Centre
EX31 1DY


Dear Judge Willow,

I thought it only right to send you another short missive to thank you for the help and consideration that you clearly showed to me on that most interesting (at least for me) of days, last Friday.

The level of nervous energy that was coursing through my system is best comparable to the first time I dove from a sixty-foot cliff. Trepidation and exhilaration combined with a suspicion that a visit to the lavatory might be wise. However, despite being somewhat of a stranger in a strange land, I did not feel completely lost and this was due to you being so accommodating of a layman.

I do not imagine I shall be sat before you again so I send my best wishes. I was contemplating sending flowers but, what with all the recent media coverage of two certain mildly errant judges, I was concerned that I might embroil you in a fresh bribery case.

Yours Respectfully,



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