8 Nov 2004

This entry is for someone in particular. You know who you are. Yes, you, the one in the scarf, with the dark eyes and long hair and soft lips. I just wanted to say that I am not convinced that you should read on but the choice is yours and, if there are any consequences, I shall attempt to deal with them in my normal fast-talking manner. So be warned.

And thank you for a truly lovely weekend, made special purely by your company.

Long time no comment. Who's the lovely lady?
Carly, hello. Lovely lady she is indeed, so much so that for a change I am attempting not sully my memories of her (she lives afar) with too much public recollection. I'm sure failing to sound anything other than ultimately cheesey, all I will say is that she makes me feel extremely good.

Also, I have been reading your entries everytime I can manage to embrace a pc. I have been travelling. I hope your throat gets better and remember ,"Tails never fails." Apparently. Actually, don't hold me to that.
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