8 Dec 2003

Thoughts on designing my third tattoo:

Intended to be black shape down left leg outside hemline:

Initially thought maybe a Polynesian style. Samoan or the like.
These are all very personal tattoos and mean special unique things to each wearer.
So, can’t directly rip one out of a mag/website.

Got me thinking though – design my own, with its own special meanings to me.

So, here I am. What’s important enough and relevant enough to have on me for the rest of my time?

My Mantra:
“Woke up, Got up, Went out and Got laid, Then died and Got Buried Dead in the Grave, Man.”

In Chinese symbols, or hieroglyphs perhaps? Or letters within the shapes?

Okay so probably hieroglyphs down ze leg avec a few lines to add form and structure.

Maybe not necessarily Egyptian hieroglyphs. There must a more than one system of pictographs. Maybe create my own.

Reach a compromise of emphasis between meaning and aesthetics.

N.B. Other things to ponder upon.

A) Explosion in popularity of tattoos. What does this mean (if anything) about society. Where’s it all going? Or is it just another fad like Queen Elizabeth and her lead face paint.

B) Is Britain polite? Is Britain too polite? Story of holding door open and having to wait and causing discomfort to oneself and the person now having to hurry to take the offered open door so not to seem rude themselves.

I have decided. The only thing that meets with the requirements of relevance to me and general coolness is the above mantra. Must have it. Will have it. Wunderbar!!

More research needed into everything. Everything I say!!

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